i suppose i should start with an introduction.

hello, i am pixie. i am currently 26 years old. i enjoy just about anything to do with creativity. my style is an amalgamation of boho, punk, and pastel. my hobbies include, drawing, knitting, make-up, nail art, cooking, diy projects, and reading. i have also been known to binge watch a show here and there.

in the day-to-day, i work as an animal adoption counselor at a no-kill shelter in north texas. animals are my passion in life and i spend a lot of time researching and learning more in regards to behavior and understanding the psyche of our pets. i focus mostly on dog behavior, but i also do quite a bit on cats, since they’re the two i handle most frequently.

i have celiac’s and a delightful sensitivity to anything heavily processed. i spend a lot of time locating and trying various natural and organic alternatives as well as many gluten-free recipes. i have tried a lot of products as well as quite a few diy recipes, and am constantly on the look-out for more.

i intend for this blog to be a place where i can organize thoughts, share things i like, tutorials, etc. i guess we’ll see how that goes! thanks for reading and i hope you stick around!


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